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Vic's Crappy Videos officially started when Vic made three videos for an underground variety show in Denver, CO. He had them introduced as crappy videos to keep the audience's expectations as low as humanly possible. The audience chomped 'em up to great acclaim and Vic knew instantly he found his new favorite medium. He partnered up with Brian to create Neature Walk and they've been at it ever since. While Vic and Brian create projects independently, they try to team up whenever possible. Often it's just the two of them, but on occasion other friends and talented artists get into the mix. All in an effort to bring fans the best crappy videos possible.


is an actor/comedian/producer in Denver, CO, and self proclaimed middle-of-the-country mutt having lived in Iowa, Kansas, Texas, Minnesota & South Dakota. Vic moved to Denver in 2000 where he currently resides. He performed for 15 years at Impulse Theater, a popular improv comedy club in Downtown Denver, where he amassed over 1,500 performances since starting with the company in 2001. A little over a decade ago Vic made some video shorts and put them on YouTube. Now his videos have over 25 million views. His comedic shorts have been featured videos on,, Attack of the Show! on the G4 TV network & the Above Average Network. Vic plans to continue making videos and appreciates everyone who takes the time to watch and share them.


and Vic met through a mutual friend who moved to Denver with Brian. They were instant super chums. Brian also performed at Impulse Theater and is a self-taught video master. He started small and has since produced video for TV stations across the country. Still, Neature Walk is the baby he cares for most. In 2010 Brian moved back to his hometown of Sioux City, IA but pinky swore to come back someday. In 2018 he made his glorious return to Denver where he and Vic started their own production company, aptly named The Neat Factory, as a shout out to their Neature Walk roots. How neat is that?


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